What Does a Car Mechanic Do During a Tune Up?

There are a number of questions that tend to come up when one wants to get a tune up in Mattapan. There is not a checklist that every car mechanic has that allows them to determine what is entailed in a tune up. This means that it will vary depending on the car mechanic. There are some car mechanics that consider changing the spark plugs as a tune up. When one lives in Mattapan the best way to ensure that you are getting the best out of your tune up is to ask the car mechanic what their tune up entails.

Determining which car mechanic in Mattapan is best to do a tune up on your car will require a little research on your part. There are good car mechanics out there and there are some not so good car mechanics out there the difference is the questions that the car owners ask. This would mean understanding what exactly is being done to your car when you take it in to a car mechanic in Mattapan. Here are a few questions that one should ask before determining if you have selected the best car mechanic for your tune up and car.

What is included in the tune up? This should be one of the first questions that one asks a car mechanic in Mattapan. This will allow you to see what exactly you are being charged as well as inform you if there is another place that you will need to take your car into to get a better tune up done. Car mechanics should look at your air filter, fuel filter, change the spark plug, and if needed they should change the spark plug wires as well. For those car mechanics in Mattapan that do not do the majority of these items when preforming a tune up one may need to look at a different car mechanic.

The next question a car owner will want to ask a car mechanic is what the average price for the tune up is. This will vary depending on the parts that are needed throughout the tune up. This question partner with the previous question should give you a general idea of what you are paying.

The last question that a car owner from Mattapan may want to as a car mechanic is how long the tune up will take. When researching who the best car mechanic is to do a tune up on your car there are some answers that should send a red flag up. For example, if a car mechanic says that that a tune up should only take 10-15 minutes then they may not perform the same as one that takes 1-2 hours. In the same respect if a car mechanic tells you a tune up takes 6-8 hours then they may be over charging you for labor.

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