No one enjoys going in for emissions testing on their vehicle, but it’s something we all have to do. Why anyone would want to go more than they have to is beyond me. Most full service auto centers in or near Dorchester are set up to look at the same things that are being looked at when you have your vehicle’s emission testing done. They may not have a contract with the state where that’s all they do, but we can tell you before you go in whether you’re going to run into a problem with emissions controls before the testing.

Auto centers can detect problems with your emission controls relatively quickly, especially on newer cars. The computers in the car combined with those in the auto center communicate and bring us back a variety of readings. These include your emission controls, which do more than just let you get a new tag for your license plate.

Emission controls are designed for a few things. I’m pretty sure most of us are aware that emission controls help keep the air cleaner. At auto centers in and around Dorchester, however, we know that there’s a lot more to it. Emission controls have to do with your vehicle’s efficiency—particularly its efficiency in burning and utilizing fuel. Poor emission controls can cause you to lose miles per gallon, horsepower, hesitate, and even lead to more costly repairs with your vehicle.

If you think of your car like your body and Dorchester auto centers like the doctor, it kind of helps here. Your car may be running great as far as you can tell. So, you don’t want to take it to the mechanic. Or, maybe the problem is so minor you don’t think it’s worth fixing. What happens when you avoid going to the doctor until your absolutely have to? Or, how often does the minor problem you’re facing just go away and not turn into a bigger problem down the road?

Taking your car into the auto centers around Dorchester just to have them looked at typically doesn’t cost anything more than time. On the other hand, not taking your car in for regular maintenance or a checkup can cost a lot. That little emission control issue you let go for too long can end up causing bigger problems, if you’re one of those people who waited until the last minute to get the testing done.

Most emission controls issues can be fixed at properly staffed and equipped auto centers within a day. Many can be fixed right on the spot. Sometimes, it’s a simple piece of piping or a new chip. The repair is quick, and the parts—as long as it’s not part of the computer—are usually pretty cheap. When you see that little check engine light come on, it’s usually something minor with the emissions controls, but your car is definitely trying to tell you something, so get it into an auto center and have it looked at.

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