With the price of gas these days it is important that we get the most out of the gas that we put in our car. This is why the car mechanics in Boston MA have put together a few tips and tricks that will help you to make sure that you are getting the most out of every little bit of gas that you put into your car.

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The first thing that car mechanics in Boston MA suggest that you should make sure is done to get the most miles out of your vehicle is to make sure your engine is properly tuned. When a car that is out of tune or might have failed an emissions test gets tuned you will see an average of 4 percent improvement in gas mileage. Those that might need serious maintenance problem like a faulty oxygen sensor might see improvement of their gas mileage of 40 percent. This is a good amount of gas mileage that you might be losing by a simple maintenance check that can be done for a low cost in most cases. The next item that you might want to check would be if your tires are properly inflated. Every type of tire out there has an ideal amount of pressure that they should be at. If you are able to keep your tires at the proper pressure than you will be able to improve your gas mileage by about 3.3 percent and that can start to add up. You should consider that for every psi underweight your tires are you are losing about 0.3 percent gas mileage. If you are not sure of the amount of pressure that your tires should be at you might want to check with the manufacture or with the place that you bought them with.

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The next area that car mechanics in Boston MA feel that many people lose their gas mileage at is the grade of motor oil that they use. You should consider the fact that you are able to save roughly about 1-2 percent gas mileage by simply following the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil. The next item that we are going to look at is a clean air filter. When you make sure that you have a clean air filter you can save up to 10 percent of your gas mileage. With these three tips if you pay $3.75 a gallon of gas you are roughly saving $.30 -$.55 for every gallon that makes a huge difference when you start looking at how many gallons of gas you put into your car every week. These are all areas that a vehicle mechanic should be able to help you with. Now there are a number of things that you as a driver can do to get better gas mileage. Maintaining the speed limit is a big gas consumer. For those that like to go a little over the speed limit should understand that anything over 60mph can drastically decrease the gas mileage that you see. By using cruise control and staying at the speed limit you will start to notice a big improvement in the amount of miles that you are getting out of each tank of gas.

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