When is the Right Time to Consider a Car AC Repairman?

The air conditioning in your car is often something that is taken for granted until it no longer works properly.  Don’t wait mid-summer  when you and your passengers are sweltering inside the vehicle, take your car in for an AC repair checkup to make sure everything is working properly when you need it.  Paying close attention to a few minor details may give you a clue as to when it is time to have a car AC repair technician take a look at your air conditioning.  Most times, vehicle air condition repair jobs are fairly simple and inexpensive as long as you recognize the symptoms before a major repair is needed.

Car AC Repairman | 617-361-3100 | Central Automotive There are several minor details that can be noticed when it’s time to have someone take a look at your auto air conditioning.  First and foremost, if you notice differences in temperature as the car is running or if it simply is not as cool as it was last year in your car, this might be a sign your air conditioning is working improperly.   A squeaky fan, dimming of the lights, or foul smell coming from the air vents might also be a good indicator of an auto air conditioner in need of repair.

 Paying close attention to the minor symptoms early in the year will prevent you from becoming  extremely uncomfortable on a very hot day when your car air conditioning fails.  At Central Automotive, we  can do a full inspection of your auto air conditioner system to ensure it provides the best comfort and air quality for you and your passengers. We will do a visual inspection, check for worn belts or hoses, leaks, inspect the level and quality of the refrigerant, and inspect the AC clutch and compressor.  After we complete the repair we reinspect your vehicle to guarantee it is working properly.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to have your air conditioning inspected by a qualified mechanic. Central Automotive located in Hyde Park offers extended services to greater Boston area including the fine communities of Dedham, Roslindale, Dorchester, Milton, Mattapan, and Jamaica Plain.

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