Cambridge MA car mechanics know that there are about six basic steps involved in a tune-up. Understanding what these steps are will help you determine if you are able to handle a tune up on your own or if you are going to need assistance from Cambridge MA car mechanics. You should be familiar with how to replace a car’s fuel filter, how to replace a cars spark plug, type of spark plugs to use, how to replace the car’s condenser and points, how to check if the valves are properly adjusted, and how to change the oil. Maintaining a car is the best way to ensure that you are able to continue to use the car for years to come.

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The first step to a tune-up that many Cambridge MA car mechanics start with is replacing the car’s fuel filter. Every car is different and depending on the make and model will determine where your fuel filter is located. No matter if you are doing a tune-up for a cheap car or a top of the line expensive car you will want to have the fuel filter checked. Most people will need to simple take out the old filter and replace it with a new fuel filter. You should be able to locate the fuel filter location by using your car’s user manual.

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The second step is somewhat combined with the third step in a tune-up and that is dealing with spark plugs. Spark plugs are essential to a cars fuel combustion mechanism so it is important that you have them in good working order. If a spark plug is not working it could cause your engine to stall. You will want to make sure that when you are changing the spark plug that you move into step three which is making sure that you are using the best spark plugs that are out there. There are some titanium type spark plugs out there that are supposed to give you an extra 30,000 extra miles before they need to be changed. For those that might allow their scheduled maintenance go past when it should be done this would be an ideal item to help reduce the risk of the spark plugs blowing.

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