Cambridge MA Car Mechanics Guide to Tune-ups (Cont..)

The fourth step that Cambridge MA car mechanics suggest would be to make sure that you replace the vehicle’s condenser and points. You should look at changing these or having someone else change them every six months or so. After you change the vehicle’s condenser and points you will want to check the ignition timing to ensure that the car is performing well. Anytime that you replace a part or change a part out you will want to make sure that you have it properly installed. Testing will reduce the chance of a part being put in wrong.

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The fifth step that Cambridge MA car mechanics suggest for tune-ups would be to make sure that the valves are properly adjusted. Your engine valves should be adjusted regularly unless of course your engine uses the hydraulic version. A good rule of thumb is to replace the vehicle’s valve cover gasket if you see oil in the topmost part. Looking for signs of damage before there is a problem can help to reduce the chance of your vehicle from breaking down on the side of the road.

The last step that Cambridge MA car mechanics suggest for tune-ups is to keep on top of oil changes. You should be able to do an oil change every 3,000 mile or so. Each time you do an oil change you will want to go ahead and check the air filter to see of you are going to need to change that as well. Depending the make and model of your vehicle you might need other tune-up items done. Your user manual should have a list of items that need checked at which intervals to ensure that you are keeping your car in the top condition possible.

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