It is important to find a reliable mechanic when it comes to auto repair in Somerville MA. It seems to me like Somerville has an extra season, Construction. It comes around right after the snow melts and teams of men with machines turn the berm into mud and a four lane road into a traffic jam. But it speaks well to one thing.

Proper Car Maintenance

Much as the city spends months, money and man power on putting things nice and fixing what winter has wrought. You too should put a little away each month for automotive maintenance. Putting gas and oil into your highly engineered bit of Detroit rolling steel is not enough. The shade tree mechanic is today challenged with computers, circuit boards and microchips as well as nuts, bolts shocks and struts and the grandpa’s automotive tool box just doesn’t cut it anymore. For a 21st century machine you need a 21st century mechanic.

Advances in many fields of technology have been poured into the garages of Auto Centers and it takes more than a grease monkey to fix imported traction control systems. You can’t fix an ABS system that is tied into a stability control system with a screw driver and a hammer.

Technicians and mechanics have the training, diagnostic equipment and know how to keep your car spinning like a top. The sheer access to new technology that Somerville’s auto centers enjoy comes at an investment that no back yard amateur could ever hope to afford.

So while the last century may have give us a golden age of simple cars that compared to cars of the 21st century they are slow, sloppy death traps. And technology like that demands skilled hands and an experienced mind.

So if you have a new car and you want to keep it rolling with all the bells and whistles, hit up your mechanic. If you have a car you love, bring it in and we’ll show it the same kind of care. If you have an older car that you would like to see come back to its full glory, your local auto shop can save you money, stress and time with just a few minutes of your time on a scheduled basis.

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