Fuel injection systems replaced carburetors in the 1980’s and 90’s as the most popular method of delivering fuel to the engine. Unlike carburetors, which relied on simple suction, a fuel injection system actively pumps gas into the combustion chamber and atomizes it by forcing it through a small nozzle at high pressures.

This method of fuel delivery results in greater fuel efficiency, cleaner exhaust emissions, and more reliable starting, particularly during the winter months. However, because it has more active components, parts occasionally need repaired or replaced. Here are some common signs that your injection system may need attention:

Fuel System | 617-361-3100 | Central AutomotiveYour fuel injection system is designed to inject exactly the right amount of gas into the combustion chamber for the current conditions. If your car is getting significantly lower gas mileage than advertised, your injection system may be to blame.

This light may signify a number of things, but among the most common problems are the oxygen sensor and the mass airflow sensor, both of which are part of your fuel injection system

If your car attempts to turn over, but does not start, it may not be receiving enough gas, indicating a problem with the injection system.

If your car acts like it’s almost out of gas even when it is not, it may be that insufficient gas is being injected. Too much gas, or gas delivered in spurts instead of in a steady stream can also cause these symptoms.

If your engine does not start at all, turn your key to the “on” position and listen for an electronic hum coming from the area near your fuel tank. This is your fuel pump starting up. If you do not hear anything, your fuel pump may need replaced.

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